How To Get A Car Ready For Sale

There always will be a moment in our lives when we understand that it’s time to say bye to our beautiful friend.   And by friend, I mean car. Nowadays getting your car for sale is as easy as purchasing it. There are thousands of Internet places to buy or get rid of the vehicle, both reliable and sketchy. Let’s say you found a reliable platform and already made a deal with a purchaser. If you need to sell a car, sell it in the best state. If you sell a dirty car, don’t wonder why there is no client, or they want a cheaper price!

  • Fix external flaws

An experienced car driver will notice a fixed scratch from miles away. The same thing goes for the fixed dent, but anyway, it’s so much better than selling a car without any work done. If you want to get   hammering out of dents done, try to order this procedure without an overpaint first. Chances are, if done by professionals, the car will be pretty normal again. But if it has scratches and cracked paint, this one is not for you. You can fix minor scratches by luting the surface in. If you’re not sure in what paints should you buy, ask a future owner. 

  • Wash the car

The first thing that might come across is “why cleaning it if the buyer can do it later?” Step in their shoes and ask yourself whether you would feel happy to buy a dirty car (even without scratches), with dirty interior and greasy sits? I highly doubt it. Ask for a car wash, a deep cleaning, and a dry cleaning if needed. If your car smells inside, get rid of bad smell. If needed, ask a reupholstering service, change car sits fabric and maybe change the wheel. Yes, the procedure might be costly, but it can be compensated by increasing the cost of a car “in a perfect condition”.  Car body cleaning is absolutely crucial. This is the first thing a potential buyer pays attention to, and if the car is dirty, this is a minus one chance for you to sell the car.

  • Get ready for a deal

A deal is a financial/legitimacy part that needs to be done in order to carry everything out in a proper way. Most bad drivers and unethical owners forget about that part, thinking it’s not their problem. 

  1. Get your vehicle checked in advance. Many potential buyers, even if they liked your car, will want to find out about the condition of its components, for which you need to go to the service station and undergo inspection. Having done a checkup before showing the car, you will save time and nerves for yourself and the buyer.
  2. Pay all fines. If you have unpaid tickets, be so kind to proceed paying for them, so that a sudden reminder of a speeding tickets won’t ruin the deal for you. 
    • Don’t hide flaws

Some bad people recommend various tricks that will help you sell a car for a shortest time without trying too much, but you are risking not only to put a person who buys your car in danger, you are also in a place to not sell your vehicle at all. People are not stupid, so don’t to trick them. The first and most common dirty trick is rolling the mileage back. Even on reputable online publications on automotive topics, it is recommended to roll the mileage a bit so that your car looks more profitable against the models of the same year of manufacture. It’s not only unethical, but mean to future customers, and if your car is rusty, don’t try to overpaint it. Respect human rights to be healthy and treat people the way you want to be treated. 

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